About Us

The work of Touzet Studio can be described as richly detailed, sensual modern architecture. Touzet Studio strives to create mindful and very specific design solutions inspired by nature, culture and technology. The work is meticulously crafted, sculptural architecture that celebrates texture and color, light and shadow.

A comprehensive familiarity with the newest materials and systems allows us to find innovative solutions and customized designs that appeals to some of the most innovative and design oriented clients in the world. Touzet Studio’s clients range from from global design brands (such as Nike, Apple and Morgan’s Group) to smaller residential and bespoke hospitality clients such as Tommy Hilfiger’s newly launched Raleigh Hospitality Group and other select private residential clients.

The two founding principals of Touzet Studio are Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet, recognized by their peers in Miami as 2015 AIA Architects of the Year. They are a husband and wife team that bring a wealth of design experience and a broad perspective from their many years in designing a variety of award winning projects in Europe and Asia and from their past experience as Vice Presidents of internationally acclaimed design firms.

Although the studio is primarily known for modern well-crafted design, Touzet Studio also enjoys the challenge of thoughtful restoration and adaptive reuse. Many of their urban projects incorporate extensive historical and cultural research as part of their design process. The studio loves to weave a thoughtful design narrative and well documented research into their projects. Touzet Studio is committed to environmentally sensitive design solutions. The studio actively sources the best materials, makers, vendors and craftsmen to execute bespoke projects that enrich the lives of the occupants and perform beautifully for their purpose.

Touzet Studio is mindful that architecture needs to contribute in a positive way to the larger context and community it is a part of and this is why they believe the research, the design process and the execution are all very important. By focusing on a selective list of clients and projects, Touzet Studio is able to devote exceptional attention to the research, details and craftsmanship that shape each undertaking.


Carlos Prio-Touzet became a Founding Principal of Touzet Studio in 2004. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami. Because of his humane, carefully crafted and thoughtful design solutions, Carlos has earned a reputation for one of the very best modern architects in Miami.

He was recently awarded “Architect of The Year” in 2015 by the American Institute of Architects in Miami. Over the course of his career, has designed award-winning buildings in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Carlos is on the Board member for Florida International University MBUS and a frequent critic for both FIU and University of Miami.


Jacqueline Gonzalez is a Founding Principal of Touzet Studio. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University. Jacqueline has a reputation for strong leadership and design solutions that are thoroughly researched and very mindful of their culture, climate and materiality.

She was recognized for her excellence in design as “Architect of the Year” in 2015 and “Young Architect of the Year” by AIA Miami in 2006. Her work at has garnered awards and been published internationally. Jacqueline’s approach to design is based on a rigorous understanding of the people, the climate, the culture and history of a place. She believes that design solutions should strive to also be innovative and address the needs of our time.