Key Biscayne Architectural Services

As one of the top Miami architecture design studios available, Touzet Studio has consistently designed world class residential and commercial properties across Miami, and Key Biscayne is no different. Key Biscayne is home to some of the most astonishing properties available in Miami, with Touzet Studio playing an integral part in contributing to its overall architectural aesthetic. Despite being off the coast of Coral Gables and South Beach, Key Biscayne displays a blend of both the modern and urban aesthetic of Miami with that of the Keys.

The Best Architects in Miami Require A Knowledge of the Area

While not actually being a part of the Florida Keys, Key Biscayne displays several key similarities with the islands. A relatively small island, Key Biscayne is home to some of the most incredible beaches in the world, as well as several remarkable homes. Those looking for a newly designed home in Key Biscayne should certainly work with Touzet Studio, the number one architecture design firm in Miami. We’re able to design your dream home from start to finish. From the big picture to the tiniest of nuances, Touzet Studio would create something that truly stands out above the rest in a city driven by competition.

The Development of Key Biscayne Homes

We here at Touzet Studios are prepared to walk you through the process of developing your new Key Biscayne home or business from start to finish. We’ll work with you to design a home that meets all of your specifications and requirements. We’ll then take everything provided and begin drawing up the plans for the building. Our experts will work tirelessly studying everything from the space available to the lighting fixtures. We’ll then render a full three-dimensional model of the home. Each home designed by Touzet Studio is unique and identifiable, so clients are sure to be more than satisfied with the final rendering. We’ll then help you find a reliable construction company to get to work so you can start enjoying your new building as soon as possible.

When looking for a Miami architecture design studio to help create your dream home in Key Biscayne, make sure to contact Touzet Studio. Touzet prides itself on their designs and finished products and is always looking to design something brand new. The founders of Touzet Studio have a rich history in the area of Miami and with the interaction of its culture with the architecture. By using the knowledge of the past history and current trends of where Miami architecture is heading, we can provide designs that become the future of modern architecture. For this reason, we are a top architecture design firm in Miami. Any plans for a building in Key Biscayne can be optimized for the best experience. Call us now at (305) 789-2870 to start your design with the right amount of experience.