Wynwood Architectural Services

Known for its prominence in entertainment and art, Wynwood sets a precedent for the future of art with its wall murals and retail stores. For someone looking to build in Wynwood while keeping up with this standard, Touzet Studios, a top Miami architecture firm, will get the job done right. The art and fashion districts of Wynwood are a great place to start a unique new business, but also a competitive place. The gentrification of the architecture in the Wynwood area results in a greater emphasis on taste and design. To make your business stand out, the best architects will be necessary to perfect the first thing potential customers will look at – your building.

Modern South Florida Architecture

Our plans have a modern approach that creates an interactive and engaging building. Rather than designing a building independently of its surroundings, we take the environment into account. Some of the Touzet Studios designs include the “Copper Stitch” and the “Design District 3711”. With the area of the Wynwood Design District in mind, the Copper Stitch uses the copper material to create a soft glow above the complex at night time. This attracts potential customers to visit during their nighttime shopping sprees. The glow is more subtle than obnoxious, giving a warm welcoming feeling to pedestrians.

The other design of 3711 makes use of public space intriguingly. The 2nd story of the building hovers above and next to I-95. This turns the building itself into a canvas which serves as a  billboard for advertising to cars on the highway. There is also a rooftop garden which allows great views of the downtown area, close up cars driving by, and the beach in the distance. This makes it an ideal place for events. The bottom level is more rounded and darkly shaded to contrast to the rigid and bright floating bar on top. Pedestrians get a completely different view as a result.

Stand Out in Wynwood With The Best Architectural Services in Miami

At Touzet Studios, we guarantee the long-lasting presence of a property by forming it to the environment it exists in. Our knowledge of the usage of materials as technology evolves allows us to meld the purpose of any structure with an appropriate theme or design. The resulting artistic form will give pedestrians a reason to remember your business even if they are not immediately ready to visit its location.

For any residences, commercial businesses, or special construction projects in Wynwood, Touzet Studios has the experience and creativity to arrange its creation. Become a member of our many satisfied clients such as Nike, Apple, The Raleigh Group, and many other private homeowners by working with us. Start by calling us at (305) 789-2870 today.