Modern Architecture Design Studio

Each passing century has been dominated by one or two main philosophies. The 19th century saw Realism and Romanticism dominate the space of art in its many forms. Modernism would then dominated between the late 1800s and 2000, with Postmodernism beginning its push in the 1960s. Today, no one philosophy holds weight over the others. Instead, several different philosophies have mended together to form a contemporary movement across a wide range of mediums.

Paintings, film, and poetry have all become a mixture of some of the largest philosophies in history. This is no different for architecture. Modern architecture blends artistic philosophies together, creating something that is altogether unique, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring. Designed entirely to wow the viewer, contemporary architecture has prevailed through its grandiose creations. Some refuse to accept these constant changes and continue to produce lackluster works that can’t seem to keep up with the times. However, we here at Touzet Studio are well aware of the constant reshaping and growing going on in the realm of architecture, and are more than capable of designing the modern architecture home you’ve always dreamed of.

What Is Modern Architecture?

Modern architecture is certainly far more unique than any other architectural movement to ever exist. While in other architectural movements everything was much more stable, everything looked relatively the same. Every building was extremely ornamental and appeared identical to its neighbor or predecessor. In Contemporary modern architecture, the possibilities are absolutely endless to create a building that is so different from any means of natural standards that it really is one of a kind. A wide mix of building materials, asymmetric facades, walls of glass, and sharp edges make up some of the top qualities found within most contemporary designs.

Modern architecture also combines the many different architectural philosophies that comprise contemporary architecture with technological advances to create the smartest buildings on the market. Anything from going above and beyond making the home energy efficient, to audio controlled thermostats and refrigerators. It’s hard to misplace contemporary architectural works as they tend to stick out among their older postmodern neighbors in the best way possible. Architectural trends currently lead us to believe this is the style of the foreseeable future, so it’s quite possible that many more residential and commercial buildings will follow suit.

Modern Architecture In Miami

Touzet Studios has been found directly at the forefront of bringing modern architecture to Miami. Miami is not just one of the largest Melting Pot cities in the United States, but the world. With over 40% of the city’s population being born abroad, it’s no wonder everything has worldwide influences mixed into it. From the local cuisine to the clothes worn, Miami is one of a kind. This is no different in Miami architecture which is highly influenced by the Art Deco movement of the early 1900s as well as Spanish Colonial architecture. We never want to detract from the power and beauty that already exists in the gorgeous city of Miami, which is why Touzet Studios designs our buildings with the intention of creating an absolutely stunning and unique building that masterfully combines its local Miamian influences with the contemporary stylings of today.

As time goes on, we’ll continue to see contemporary architecture dominate the space. It will certainly grow and continue to change as new motifs and ideas are adopted across the world. Contemporary modern architecture is the way of future, around the world and in Miami. If you’re interested in having Touzet Studios design an upcoming project in Miami or anywhere else in the world, simply contact us today.