For the design of this project, we wanted to recognize what was unique about this artistic neighborhood and weave it together with inspiration from Wynwood’s quickly vanishing industrial past. This past can be seen still in the form of industrial plants and manufacturing warehouses- which artists have used as their urban canvas. This project aspires to continue that intersection of art and architecture at a larger scale.

Miami is a young city with a rich collection of culturally distinct neighborhoods – our approach to design is that we like to share history and tell stories through our architecture of what each unique part of the city is all about.

When doing our site research, we discovered that our site was once the iconic Coca Cola plant. Like many historical buildings in Miami this was taken down some years ago and nothing remains. The projects name “Wynwood Plant” honors that history and serves as reminder to future generations of the story of this neighborhood.

Building Area: 88,862 SF

Building Status: Unbuilt