Coconut Grove Architectural Services

Touzet Studio is an architecture design firm in Miami that can provide guidance to anyone looking to build architecture in Coconut Grove. We strive to create the most remarkable residential and commercial property designs across Miami. We here at Touzet Studio are no strangers to beauty and culture of Coral Gables. We’ve designed countless projects within the city and are more than prepared for the next project that comes our way. We’re able to perfectly blend the culture and nuances of Coral Gables and combine is flawlessly with our own unique modern style.

Designs Appropriate for Coconut Grove Architecture

Coconut Grove is filled with vegetation and many of the residents of this community are proud of the city’s aesthetic. As one of the oldest communities in Miami, it has some of the oldest Miami architecture. We take the existing themes that exist already and combine our own style and knowledge to create something truly incredible.

The ability to distinguish this trend and history of an area is a major benefit to working with an architecture design firm in Miami like Touzet Studio. Our designs take the environment into account in order to create a product that will not only last long structurally but also belong in its community.

Examples of Touzet Studio Architecture in Coconut Grove

Grove Central is a commercial development at the Coconut Grove Metrorail station designed to add retail options for passengers coming and going through the Metrorail. It offers businesses the opportunity to gain exposure in difficult markets with the amount of traffic that passes by. Its location right on the Metrorail line potentially sees riders from areas all over Greater Miami such as Pinecrest, Brickell, Dadeland, and Miami International Airport. This site directly connects residents and visitors to more of the destinations they wish to visit with multi-purpose industries such as for work, relaxation, and shopping.

With Coconut Grove’s older presence, there are many buildings which have become part of U.S. official historical sites. Touzet Studio can also use our adaptive knowledge to restore buildings to their former or a new and improved appearance and functionality. The many older structures that have become common in Coconut Grove can benefit from our services. Touzet Studio is without a doubt one of the architecture design firms in Miami that can take any building that has fallen into disrepair and make it serviceable again. Our AIA, LEED, and AP renowned founders Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet have the experience and background with Miami architecture necessary to creating quality and long-lasting structures in this area. Call Touzet Studio at (305) 789-2870 to get the best out of your Coconut Grove architecture.