2015 – Miami Today News

A block-long construction site buzzes with activity between Northeast 41st and 42nd Streets at a site dubbed Paradise Plaza, where 60 more ultra-luxury, brand-name stores will open at the end of next year or early 2017. Towering cranes and closed roads clearly paint the picture of an evolving neighborhood to any passerby in the Design…

Wynwood Plant

Building Area: 88,862 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

For the design of this project, we wanted to recognize the unique qualities of this artistic neighborhood and weave them together with inspiration from Wynwood’s rapidly vanishing industrial past. The area’s history is still visible in the form of industrial plants and manufacturing warehouses that artists have used as their urban canvases. This project aspires to continue that intersection of art and architecture at a larger scale.

Miami is a young city with a rich collection of culturally distinct neighborhoods. In our approach to design, we like to share history and tell stories through our architecture of what each unique part of the city is all about.

In the course of our site research, we discovered that this site was once an iconic Coca Cola plant. As with many historic buildings in Miami, the identifying signs had been taken down some years ago and nothing remains. This project’s name, Wynwood Plant, honors that historic use and serves as a reminder to future generations of this neighborhood’s story.

2015 – The Next Miami

Demolition is about to begin at the Lincoln Road site where a high-tech Nike Store will be built. The multi-level store will feature a rooftop basketball court, running track and event space. The exterior will be clad in ductal concrete that will be illuminated with an LED lighting system. Touzet Studio is the architect. Source

The Setai

Building Status: Completed 2004

Designed the 38-story condominium tower while at Schapiro and Associates. This project marked the first design collaboration of Founding Principals Carlos Prio Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet and exhibits many of the qualities of design storytelling, sculptural modernity and the attention to detail, that have become the major focus of their own studio.

2015 – Curbed Miami

PROJECT: 800 LINCOLN ROAD BUILDING The ArtCenter South Florida’s former 800 Lincoln Road Building, which originally was Miami Beach’s first Burdines Department Store and only the second store in the former chain’s history, is getting a well-designed restoration and expansion by developer Tri-Star Capital that will likely return it to retail use. Once you’ve gotten…

2015 – The Next Miami

PROJECT: ARTCENTER EXPANSION 800 Lincoln Road, recently vacated by ArtCenter, is set for an extreme makeover. Developer South Beach TriStar 800 LLC has hired Touzet Studio to oversee a renovation and expansion of the historic building. The real estate investment arm of Germany’s Commerzbank AG controls an entity that owns the 17,642-square-foot building, which sold for $88 million…

2015 – Miami New Times

PROJECT: RALEIGH HOTEL RENOVATIONS It’s official. South Beach’s historic Raleigh Hotel is about to get even swankier. None other than Macy’s fashion section maven Tommy Hilfiger bought the place up back in April 2014 with plans to convert the hotel into a private club/hotel hybrid. Yesterday, Hilfiger and his business partners won approval from the…

2015 – High Snobiety

PROJECT: LINCOLN ROAD NIKE STORE Floridian sneakerheads rejoice, for Nike is angling to build a colossal new flagship store, complete with rooftop track and basketball court, on Miami’s Lincoln Road. The 31,500-square-foot space is to be designed by Touzet Studio and is rumored to sport a mesh facade complete with LED lighting, with two floors of retail space topped by…

2015 – Miami New Times

Lincoln Road is in such a state of content flux that even national chain stores that have sat on the strip for more than a decade can’t keep up. William Sonoma and Pottery Barn, neighboring chain stores in the 1000 block of Lincoln that share a corporate parent company, will close shop on March 22nd.…

2015 – The Next Miami

The building housing The Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma at 1035 Lincoln Road will be demolished and replaced with a two-story Nike Store, under plans submitted by the Fryd family and the Comras family, the owners of the property. The existing building is not considered to be historic, but it replicates some features of the historic building that…