5 Drinks Distillery

Building Area : 4,746 SF
Building Status : Unbuilt

The distillery includes an adaptive reuse design on an existing Wynwood building. The building will house the Five Drinks Brewery and Distillery. The reuse of the industrial building includes improving the elevations of the structure with new openings, shading structures and some outdoor seating area. The concept of the space it to have a transparent atmosphere where the goer can see the process of the distillery as well as a hydroponic farm where the distillery gets some of their ingredients from. This project also includes the improvements of an alley in Wynwood which connects many retail spaces together.

2018 – The Real Deal Miami

PROJECT: MARY STREET Kaufman Rossin just inked a lease to become the main office tenant in Terra’s Mary Street project in Coconut Grove. The Coconut Grove-based accounting and advisory firm, one of South Florida’s largest, signed a 15-year lease with options to renew to occupy 64,666 square feet in the planned Class A office building…

Urbin Retreat

Building Area: 66,905 SF
Building Status : Unbuilt

Urbin Retreat is a dynamic community in the heart of Miami Beach’s Entertainment District.

The project includes a new 48,000 SF building of co-living Units, Boutique Extended Hotel Suites and micro retail adjacent to a full restoration of a Mid- Century Modern Office Building.

Urbin Retreat will include several resiliency initiatives- such as elevated front porches with cisterns below, a ground floor designed for 5’ freeboard and rain water gardens that capture and clean run off from the roof. The project will include rooftop solar and community spaces and will be designed to be LEED.

This project is adjacent to two significant historic buildings and is designed to relate to the scale, materiality and playful geometries and colors of Miami Beach. Custom features such as breeze block and metal space dividers will be developed to customize the architecture vocabulary while providing important shading.

An urban plaza with Shady trees provides for thermal comfort and the planting and the finishes of the ground floor were designed with water in mind.

2018 – The Miami Herald

PROJECT: COCONUT GROVE METRORAIL STATION Coconut Grove is getting a new Metrorail station, and it could be entirely solar-powered. The $200 million privately funded station, one of the flashiest and most valuable in the county’s plans to redevelop its Metrorail properties, would be connected to a 330-unit apartment building, as well as retail space and…

Basecamp 305

Building Area: 5,583 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

Basecamp 305 is an education facility to complement the functions of Basecamp 305 located at 224 Second street on Miami Beach and a master plan of a 13,000 SF parcel. The design stressed flexibility of program and spaces as the building could be used for upper elementary and middle school campus. The design includes a secure and private fence with two layers of access from the front and back. The fence was designed to complement the playfulness of children and the colors used at Basecamp 305. Resiliency and sustainability was vital to integrate through the whole project. Solar cells, rainwater harvesting, green roof and natural light in the all the rooms were designed into the architecture so that these steps towards resiliency could be seen by the children and they have a more transparent education of resiliency and sustainability.

2018 – The Next Miami

PROJECT: COCONUT GROVE METRO STATION A developer is planning to rebuild the Coconut Grove Metrorail station into a self-powered apartment and retail complex. Grove Central will include a 330-unit apartment tower, along with retail space, parking and a bus station, according to the Herald. Total cost is expected to be $200 million. Solar panels are planned…

Grove Central

Building Area : 1,132,423 SF
Building Status : Under Construction
Role: Design Architects and Interior Designers

Grove Central is a mixed-use multi-modal project that seeks to destigmatize mass transit in Miami and to weave together the conveniences of 21st century urban living and shopping, while keeping the indoor/outdoor tree canopy and some of the palette that defines Coconut Grove. Whether it’s getting a cafecito, picking up groceries or taking the train downtown from your Grove apartment – the idea was to weave in the urban fabric and Underline together to create an active, safe and engaging linear plaza of retail to tie the project together and to increase ridership.

The project is planned to house one of the first microgrid solar roofs in the South Florida region, with battery back-up to power the Metro Rail Station and maintain essential services functional in the case that a storm event should disrupt the general grid. This resiliency features is a huge advantage for retailers, residents and transit riders.

2018 – Fast Company

PROJECT: COCONUT GROVE METRORAIL STATION Though some may still deny it, climate change is having an effect on our lives. It’s making weather patterns more severe and unpredictable, and in some parts of the world, agricultural practices and natural ecosystems are collapsing. And in other places, it’s going to make things really expensive. In vulnerable coastal cities like Miami, climate…

Hibiscus Residence

Building Area: 10,473 SF
Building Status: Completed

Our client came to us with the idea of making a modern Miami Beach translation of a hôtel particulier, which is essentially a French urban palace.

The idea of re-interpreting this typology to be relevant for a 21st century Miami Beach house presented us with a very interesting design challenge. We understood that the client’s request was not for a “French style” or historical mansion. He wanted a thoroughly modern Miami Beach house, but he also wanted references to the spatial and historic roots of the hôtel particulier, re-imagined for Miami Beach and its tropical climate, as a starting point for the inspiration.

2018 – Bontena

We do not see their faces or know who are them, but all kinds of structures are their works, the house we live in, the office building we worked in, the shop we shopped, even the municipal buildings of the city we lived in. An architect’s signature is the lines in their project. Architect Jacqueline…