2017 – The Next Miami

PROJECT: WYNWOOD PLANT Touzet Studio’s Wynwood Plant is now ready for review by the Urban Design Review Board, with a meeting set for next week. In designing the project, the architects took their inspiration from the former Coca Cola plant that was once in Wynwood. The project is set to include 306 apartment units and 88,000 square…

Tree House Pavilion

The Moorish Revival house was designed by a very respected local Miami Beach architect Russell T. Pancoast, at a point in his career where he was experimenting with different Architectural vocabularies.

What started as a thorough renovation that included the incorporation of modern technologies, and comforts, to a historical residence, gradually incorporated a modern intervention. The client asked to add a studio to the house, over the existing kitchen that would feel like a “treehouse”. He also shared his desire for no visible signs of modern technology, and his appreciation for Cuban architecture. We promptly started studying historic photographs and existing details of the house, parallel to the exploration of tropical architecture and its application to the South Florida climate.

For the past five years, careful attention was placed to the modernization of the property integrating virtually invisible technology while maintaining the historic characteristics of the residence. Architectural professionals and craftsmen were commissioned to apply their knowledge and expertise to the restoration as well as to the new addition of the house. One by one, the pieces came together and we continue to look at the past for inspiration.

2017 – The Architects Newspaper

Touzet Studio Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet How do you approach design, and how does that set the office apart from others in Miami? We are architects who love modernism and finely crafted design solutions. Our work is very intensely research driven—inspired by nature, technology, and the culture of the place or the people for…

2017 – Miami’s Community Newspapers

PROJECT: MARY STREET As Coconut Grove regains its appeal as a thriving commercial district, two of the neighborhood’s deepest-rooted developers are transforming a 1980s-era parking garage into a contemporary mixed-use building that will meet growing demand for office space and prime retail. Developed by Terra in partnership with Mayfair Real Estate Advisors, the Touzet Studio-designed…

2017 – The Miami Herald

PROJECT: MARY STREET As Coconut Grove surges with new condos, restaurants and shops, developer David Martin is planning what he sees as the missing link in the Grove’s revitalization: its first new office building since 1989. The project will adapt an existing city of Miami parking garage at 2850 Oak Ave. into a five-story mid-rise…


Building Area: 68,689 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

This project was one of the first projects for Touzet Studio and garnered many awards and international press when it was released. Designed as a “gateway” to Miami Beach. The design is composed of two forms- one in a curvilinear form facing the water and the other a rectilinear box which is part of the urban grid of Miami Beach. The form of the curving volume with its curving concrete frame that encloses facets that slip out towards the water views was meant to evoke forms that are related to the sea or eroded by the wind or the waves. The palette for the buildings is inspired by the two distinct environments that make Miami Beach. The West Avenue building was inspired by the natural environment of the Beach sea, sky and sand. The colors of the glass and the facets will ensure that the building itself changes with the light, and with the dynamic way one engages this – from the major bridge that leads to the City.

The Alton Road building was inspired by the manmade environment of the City of Miami Beach itself- and the materials reflect a more modernist aesthetic- composed of steel, glass and concrete. The different glass colors and irregular grid were meant to show that the City is a mosaic of different pieces, all contained within one frame of reference. It is eclectic, exuberant yet nonetheless contained in a rectilinear volume. The views to downtown and across Miami Beach are spectacular.

2016 – The Miami Herald

PROJECT: 3711 BUILDING We often think of architecture in Miami as a symmetry between water and sky, hovering, distilled by subtropical light, detached from earthly constraints — from the ground plane, from traffic and social unrest. It’s all about the surf and the whiteness of sand and the multimillion-dollar water view. It’s all about the…