Coral Gables Architecture 

Touzet Studios, a top architecture firm in Coral Gables, is able to turn your dream residence or commercial building into reality. The city of Coral Gables is one of the first planned communities brought about by the City Beautiful Movement. This means the area was planned, developed, and constructed from the ground up to result in a look that is clean and organized. From its inception, Coral Gables was architecturally promoted with a Mediterranean Revival style of palaces and seaside villas. The University of Miami found its home in Coral Gables near the time of its founding and over the years has remained the largest employer here. In keeping up with the elevated quality of architecture in the area, someone who wants to make their business stand out from the rest or a homeowner who wants to live in their dream home will want the best architect firms in Miami.

Reflecting Nature

One residence in Coral Gables on the Biscayne Bay designed by Touzet Studios captures the feeling of a paradise with the vibrant colors of nature along with the neutral crystal colors. Tall glass windows allow the nearby palm trees outside to become a part of the inside scenery. The interior uses wood and terrazzo flooring to emulate the tropical feeling from outside. While both the inside and outside are designed to feel the same, the inside looks much differently from outside and the outside looks much different from the inside. The large crystalline facade helps to create this difference in scale and create a diversity in the scenery while maintaining the same feel.

Another Coral Gables residence that can be viewed in our projects page was designed for an inventor/engineer couple, taking inspiration from train compartments and French chateaus. The appliances are all hidden away in a wardrobe-like walnut wood storage, giving a completely clean look to the kitchen and living rooms. Even the refrigerator takes on the appearance of the other appliances to resemble the building with the best designs of much smaller creations.

The Best Architectural Services in Coral Gables and Miami

At Touzet Studios, we are dedicated to mirroring nature with our architecture. With our knowledge of the evolution of materials and their application in modern design, we are one of the top Miami architecture firms to go to for a new building or renovation. We take pleasure in the challenges of replicating your vision with the reality of material objects and then improving them to levels beyond your dreams.

For any residences, commercial businesses, or special construction projects in Coral Gables, Touzet Studios has the experience and creativity to arrange its creation. Become a member of our many satisfied clients such as Nike, Apple, The Raleigh Group, and many other private homeowners by working with us. Start by calling us at (305) 789-2870 today.