As one of the largest cities in the Miami metropolitan area, Fort Lauderdale has made its gorgeous stretch of beachfront and rich history. Previously, many considered Fort Lauderdale to be nothing more than a spring break destination for college students. Until recently, Fort Lauderdale was mostly considered the less interesting version of its neighboring city Miami. However, that’s nowhere near the case anymore. Fort Lauderdale is receiving a major face-lift and growing at an exponential rate. Rules have been put in place to limit spring breakers from trashing and destroying the city. This revival and upstart growth have caused a large interest in people moving to Fort Lauderdale and calling it home.

Many of the homes and businesses in Fort Lauderdale were built under the same architectural influences that most buildings in Miami follow. If you’re planning on moving to Fort Lauderdale or want to redesign your existing home or business, then you need the services Touzet Studio, the top luxury modern architecture studio in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. As a modern architecture design studio, we’ve perfected our style of design modern homes while also tying in the architectural influences seen across South Florida. Our team works tirelessly to design true marvels that are guaranteed to blow everyone away.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Architecture Homes

Touzet Studio is proud to offer our modern residential architecture design services across Fort Lauderdale. Our designers are able to take your dream home and make it a reality. Our deep-rooted knowledge and understanding of architecture in South Florida allows us to create something unique while still staying true to the influencing styles. Fort Lauderdale is known for having a very temperate climate, thanks to the Atlantic Ocean that sits right beside the city. While our architects will design your home so you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze and ocean view, they’ll also design it to be protected against the elements. The humid South Florida air is known for warping wood and removing paint/wallpaper. With this in mind, our team of architects is able to design you a stunning modern home that will last a lifetime.

Fort Lauderdale Modern Commercial Architecture

Fort Lauderdale is growing at an exponential rate, as families and businesses continue to move in. Downtown Fort Lauderdale, especially Las Olas, is receiving a massive revival. Touzet Studio specializes in modern commercial architecture, designing gorgeous spaces for businesses across South Florida and the Caribbean. We’ve designed for a wide range of commercial verticals, from full-scale office buildings to retail spaces. We take the cultural influences of the city and pair them with Touzet’s own special touch, creating a finished product that not stands above the competition, but also still blends in with the surrounding area. No project is too big or too small.

Top Interior Designers In Fort Lauderdale

Interior design is not simply a means of decorating your home, it’s an art form dedicated to enhancing the overall aesthetics of an entire space. Our team at Touzet Studio will research and plan every interior design project long before it’s implemented. We work with each and every client to discuss their likes and dislikes, color palettes, accents, etc. We’re able to undertake both commercial and residential interior design projects in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring that they’ll both turn out absolutely stunning.

Touzet Studio is proud to be the best modern architecture design firm available in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re interested in discussing an upcoming architecture or interior design project, contact us today at +1 (305) 789-2870.