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Mary Street

Mary Street reinvents a 1980’s garage building with an added floating bar of Class A office buildings overlooking the nearby park and water. Touzet Studio designed the exterior facades as well as custom Interiors for Terra Corporate.

Located at one of the gateway entrances to the Coconut Grove Village Center, this project re-purposes a now tired municipal building and creates contemporary value for the existing structure. The design uses the composition of five main volumes to establish a new presence at a major entry point to the local downtown.

The project’s materiality was inspired by the local natural environment of Florida in various ways: the glass volumes relate to the ocean and fresh aquafer waters below the site while the Louvered volumes took inspiration from the patterning and terracotta colors of seashells and sand. A clear glass volume, curved at both street corners, contains the retail component and the office lobby. The top three-story glass volume houses the main office component. The garage volumes are clad in a screen of square-section, terra-cotta “baguettes,” spaced to allow ventilation and daylight into the volume.