Urban Design

Hialeah Factory Town

Building Area: 382,050 SF
Building Status : Unbuilt

Factory town is a master plan of a 276,560 SF lot in Hialeah. The concept for the master plan is a cluster of buildings holding different programs ranging from marker spaces, markets, retail, entertainment venues, offices and recreational fields like soccer. A community of makers creating attractive work will attract and retain the 21st century Industries in Hialeah. Adaptive re-use of the existing industrial buildings for a variety of exciting uses creates a place that has activity day and night. Access to fresh food, urban farming and markets provide much needed services to the area. Community areas and programming will add to the wellbeing of residents and visitors. In addition to the program, resiliency comes into play with adding tree canopy and green elements help with heat island effect found in industrial areas.

Domino Park Study

Status : Study

This project is a study completed for the City of Miami Planning Department. The intention was to guide what could be a future vision for one of the most popular tourist destinations of Miami-Domino Park in Little Havana.

In addition to speaking to local leaders, we spent time with the residents, interviewing them about their needs and vision for the park.

The result was a study of ideas of how to slowly evolve the park and provide a safe, welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. Special attention was paid to materiality that evoked memories of Havana while still being authentic and true to the needs of the Miami community that relies on the park for recreation and a fun game of Dominoes.

Ransom SAP 1 & 2

Area : 13.8 acres
Status : Completed 2013-2016

As the local Architect, our role was to ensure the design from the planners (Bowie Gridley) fit into the rich history and legacy of the historic Ransom Campus. We did the historical research and developed the palette and character booklet for the property. Alongside the rest of the Ransom Everglades School Campus Master Plan Team, we assisted in the process associated with the development of the Special Area Plan and its submittal to the City of Miami. We worked collaboratively and successfully with Bowie Gridley who authored the Master Plan and program to get the necessary SAP approvals.

As advisors to the team on design, we also created a site BIM Model, all the site sections of the site, and the historical research and report. Touzet Studio photographed and assembled the documentation to help establish the palette of materials and lists of architectural characteristics that the City required be a part of the SAP. These SAP documents serve to act as a guideline for future development of the Ransom Site. For the SAP 2 of La Brisa, we participated in multiple meetings and advised on appropriate development sites and strategies as the local Architect.

Lime Tree Bay Resort

Building Area: 48,000 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

The 2.5-acre site is located on Long Key, in the City of Layton, one of the older and certainly the smallest cities in the Florida Keys. The site is on the southwestern side of the island, bounded on the east by US 1 and on the north by a nature research station. The site is richly landscaped with mature vegetation that includes gumbo limbo, sea grape, ficus, royal poinciana, mahoe, and coconut palm. The program requirement specified 48,000 sf of luxury residential-hotel space with resort amenities and support spaces.

The 40 residential-hotel units consist of 26 two-story units above garages and 14 flats on two stories also above garages. While the 40 units are grouped into five building clusters, the units are designed as individual structures engaging each other along structural planes. The building palette comprises traditional Keys elements such as oolithic limestone for the main base elements, which also house the fireplaces, wood, metal roofs and white stucco on concrete masonry. Conceptually, solid, rectilinear walls flank glass volumes that protrude above the walls as clerestories above which a metal-lined, exposed interior, wood shed-roof is placed. The five building clusters are arranged along vehicular and pedestrian paths that are themed through palettes of vegetation. A common area open-air lounge and a gymnasium structure are located on a floating barge anchored by the properties west-facing pier. Two distinct environments are created around the two swimming pools – the southern pool sits within a grove of coconut palms; the northern pool and spa skirt the eastern boundary of the white sand sunning beach.

Pink Sands Estates – Master Planning

Building Area: 20 acres

Building Status: Unbuilt

Touzet Studio created the master plan for the 20-acre site of Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, Bahamas. The firm was engaged to also design a series of new estate homes, beachfront cottages, and common areas for this celebrated resort. This project was slated to be LEED certified, so Touzet Studio worked to design an environmentally-conscious re-interpretation of Bahamian architecture. The cottages collected rainwater and were cooled passively through cross-ventilation. Designed to sit very lightly on the landscape, the Tree Top units gave a sense of floating, so their occupants would feel as if they were in a treehouse or tree canopy.