1021 Lincoln Road


Building Area : 13,845 SF
Building Status : Completed 2015

The Client is a global icon of technology and design. They commissioned us to help them design a building that fit into the scale and materiality of Lincoln Road. The main façade, as well as all other visible surfaces of the building, had to communicate and celebrate the qualities for which the brand is known for but still be compatible. One can argue that one can no longer showcase such a thing as state-of-the-art technology because, just like the waters of Lao-Tze’s River, it is always in motion –always in flux. The technology of the current model is already dated when it hits the market. Therefore, in this case, we argued that today’s technology would not be an appropriate “material” for the building envelope and needed to be more “timeless” of its place and culture. The façade, and the interior, which is the second façade, needed to convey the other, very powerful aspects of the brand: simplicity in design, exquisite materiality, and impeccable execution/workmanship.

Touzet Studio has designed some of the most iconic retail flagship buildings for global design brands seeking to come to Miami Beach’s most prestigious pedestrian historic district of Lincoln Road. Touzet Studio designed almost an entire block of which included 72,000 SF of new retail for Gap, Nike and other world-renowned companies. Each receiving approval from the historic board and praise from the community and the press. These prominent companies commissioned Touzet Studio for their attention to detail, their extensive knowledge of innovative building systems and materials and their understanding of how to blend new architecture into a historic district.