Design District 3711


This project serves as a gateway to the Miami Design District, interacting with pedestrians at street level and with vehicles on the elevated highway.

The location inspired Touzet Studio to design a building that could serve as either a three-dimensional canvas or billboard, capable of delivering unique experiences depending on the time of day or night. The floating bar façade across the top of the structure is meant to anchor the viewer’s sense of perspective, while the massing and moves were kept purposely simple. This allows the floating bar element to assume different personalities by playing with simple concrete and light rather than relying on complicated skins.

The building’s base is dark and rounded to contrast visually with the sleekness of the rectilinear shape above. Meanwhile, the exterior uses embossed metal and glass surfaces to add texture and interest to the pedestrian experience. A proposed paved urban courtyard, designed by landscape architect Jefre, will take visitors to a rooftop garden with views of downtown Miami, Biscayne Bay, and the ocean. The building will serve as an exceptional venue for events both on the rooftop and at street level.