Hammock Lakes


Building Area: 8,000 SF
Building Status: Completed Winter 2018

The heavily landscaped 1.6-acre site sits at the corner of a roughly diamond-shaped lake that rewards the property with a long, diagonal view across the water. The house is positioned on the lake to take advantage of the seasonally changing sunsets.

The clients, a retired couple, desired a single-story residence that would be immersed in the landscape. The program brief they provided focused on public areas for entertainment and the cycles of occupancy and absence that their frequent travel would impose on the residence.

These factors would be major influences on the decision to divide the program into an assemblage of parts, starting with an entertainment pavilion to house the public rooms including his office, a wine storage feature, an internal garden court, and a long, deep portico facing the lake. The private pavilion would include a large master suite, a massage room/gym, and her office. A service pavilion with guest accommodations and family room includes staff quarters, garage, and mechanical areas. The kitchen and breakfast room serve as a connector between the entertainment and service pavilions.

The lake is intentionally hidden from view for the entire entry approach. Arrival at the front of the entertainment pavilion only alludes to the relationship of the house to the lake, in that the entertainment and master suite pavilions are surrounded entirely by serene water features. The first view of the lake occurs only after the visitor passes the midpoint of the entertainment pavilion, at which point, the pavilion-wide glass wall opens a view to the lake. (A glimpse of the lake is just possible at the juncture between the connector from the private pavilion to the entertainment pavilion.)

The one-story pavilions that make up the residence all are oriented toward the water, with full-height walls of sliding glass doors offering views of the lake and the shoreline beyond.

The public rooms in the entertainment pavilion open to an extensive porch that doubles its covered area. The deck areas lead to a long, infinity-edge pool that blends visually with the waters of the lake beyond.