Lime Tree Bay Resort


The 40 residential-hotel units consist of 26 two-story units and 14 flats on two stories, all above garages. While the 40 units are grouped into five building clusters, the units are designed as individual structures engaging each other along structural planes.

The building palette comprises traditional Keys elements such as oolithic limestone for the main base elements, which also house the fireplaces, wood, metal roofs and white stucco on concrete masonry. Solid, rectilinear walls flank glass volumes that protrude above the walls as clerestories above which a metal-lined, exposed interior, woodshed-roof is placed. The five building clusters are arranged along vehicular and pedestrian paths that are themed through palettes of vegetation. A common area open-air lounge and a gymnasium structure are located on a floating barge anchored by the properties west-facing pier. Two distinct environments are created around the two swimming pools: the southern pool sits within a grove of coconut palms, whereas the northern pool and spa skirt the eastern boundary of the white sand sunning beach.