Miami Beach Canopy House


Building Area : 9,894 SF
Building Status : Unbuilt

The client came to us with a large property with about 35 mature specimen trees existing on this site. The client’s intention – to try to keep as many as possible and design the house and its access around full views of these specimens. The scheme began with the living room being placed in the center of the both the oak specimen trees with floor to ceiling glass on both sides so that the shadows throughout the day may fill the space. The program seeks to position the Public/Entertainment areas in a manner that would allow their containment and separation from the more private, family areas. Exterior areas include a rooftop deck, positioned to take advantage of the long views to the water and skylines; a usable front lawn/play area, a backyard with a pool, and areas for vegetable and fruit gardening. In addition to the main two-story house, there would be a desire to also provide a separate pool house which includes an entertainment room, pool bath and a gym with an associated outdoor kitchen. The canopy house has sits below many existing specimen canopies and creates its own architectural canopy as the master suite reaches and angles away from the rest of the residence. The residence lives in beautiful shadows from the trees above and the South Florida sun light.