Pancoast North Bay Road Residence


AIA Miami 2015 Honor Award Winner in Restoration/Renovation Category
Miami Design Preservation League: Barbara Baer Capitman Award

The client had asked to add a studio to the house over the existing kitchen to embody the feeling of a “treehouse.”

The original residence was a 1928 Moorish Revival house, designed by a very respected local Miami Beach architect, Russell T. Pancoast, at a point in his career where he was experimenting with different architectural concepts from Spain and the Moorish tradition. To prepare for the project, we studied historic photographs and existing details of the house, maintaining a focus on Pancoast’s era of tropical architecture and its application to the South Florida climate.

Careful attention was placed to the modernization of the property, integrating virtually invisible technology while maintaining the historic characteristics of the residence. Architectural professionals and craftsmen were commissioned to apply their knowledge and expertise to the restoration as well as to the new addition of the house. One by one, the pieces came together, ultimately creating a mosaic of historically intact architecture paired with the accessibility and comfort of modern life.

One by one, the pieces came together. We worked with local and UK craftsmen to bring this amazing structure back to its former glory with added modern conveniences and a thoughtful addition.