South Pointe Townhouses


Building Area: 18,000 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

The project consists of four townhouses located on a broad landscaped boulevard in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida. The individual townhouses are composed of a series of horizontal, overlapping “drawers,” both enclosed and unenclosed, that create living areas of varying heights. These horizontal volumes are pinned together by a solid vertical element – the elevator – that sits near the center of each of the compositions. The landscaped ground level establishes the first of a series of horizontal planes that cap the shifting horizontal volumes. These are surfaced alternately in stone, natural ground cover, and wood decks, all with water features and variable amounts of vegetation.

The townhouses are differentiated by decorative attributes that identify each unit with one of the four elements: wood, wind, fire, and water. These elements inform the individual designs of the cast metal fences, doors, and entry courts. Off-center pivoting main doors into the entry courts are built of smooth and rough-hewn stone, and translucent cast resin panels on a cast metal framework.

The 4,500-square-foot residential program is distributed over four full stories, one service mezzanine, and a main rooftop. The ground floor contains a partially-covered entry court, a two-story foyer, and a two-car garage. The service mezzanine contains a maid’s room, laundry, and mechanical area. On the second floor are the living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, and covered deck, while the fourth floor contains the two secondary bedrooms. The fifth floor contains the master bedroom suite with an outdoor plunge pool and meditation area within a landscaped terrace. The first roof deck — a green roof with fire pit — sits atop the living room. The main roof deck is of wood, and is fitted with large soaking pool, summer kitchen, outdoor shower, and restroom.