Urbin Retreat


Building Area: 66,905 SF
Building Status : Unbuilt

Urbin Retreat is a dynamic community in the heart of Miami Beach’s Entertainment District.

The project includes a new 48,000 SF building of co-living Units, Boutique Extended Hotel Suites and micro retail adjacent to a full restoration of a Mid- Century Modern Office Building.

Urbin Retreat will include several resiliency initiatives- such as elevated front porches with cisterns below, a ground floor designed for 5’ freeboard and rain water gardens that capture and clean run off from the roof. The project will include rooftop solar and community spaces and will be designed to be LEED.

This project is adjacent to two significant historic buildings and is designed to relate to the scale, materiality and playful geometries and colors of Miami Beach. Custom features such as breeze block and metal space dividers will be developed to customize the architecture vocabulary while providing important shading.

An urban plaza with Shady trees provides for thermal comfort and the planting and the finishes of the ground floor were designed with water in mind.