The palette for the buildings is inspired by the two distinct environments that make Miami Beach unique. The beach’s colors and shapes, derived from the sea, sky, and sand, dictate the appearance of the West Avenue building. The body of the first volume relates to the ocean with its curving, wavelike concrete frame that encloses facets slipping out towards the water views. The glass portions allow light to seep in and change the colors of the structure.

The Alton Road building was inspired by the manmade environment of the City of Miami Beach itself. Appropriately, the materials reflect a more modernist aesthetic composed of steel, glass and concrete. The different glass colors and irregular grid were meant to show that the city is a mosaic of different pieces, all contained within one frame of reference. It is eclectic, exuberant, yet nonetheless contained in a rectilinear volume. Not only are spectacular views of Miami Beach accessible from this building, the Vitri itself offers a unique take on the city.