Building Area: 68,689 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

This project was one of the first projects for Touzet Studio and garnered many awards and international press when it was released. Designed as a “gateway” to Miami Beach. The design is composed of two forms- one in a curvilinear form facing the water and the other a rectilinear box which is part of the urban grid of Miami Beach. The form of the curving volume with its curving concrete frame that encloses facets that slip out towards the water views was meant to evoke forms that are related to the sea or eroded by the wind or the waves. The palette for the buildings is inspired by the two distinct environments that make Miami Beach. The West Avenue building was inspired by the natural environment of the Beach sea, sky and sand. The colors of the glass and the facets will ensure that the building itself changes with the light, and with the dynamic way one engages this – from the major bridge that leads to the City.

The Alton Road building was inspired by the manmade environment of the City of Miami Beach itself- and the materials reflect a more modernist aesthetic- composed of steel, glass and concrete. The different glass colors and irregular grid were meant to show that the City is a mosaic of different pieces, all contained within one frame of reference. It is eclectic, exuberant yet nonetheless contained in a rectilinear volume. The views to downtown and across Miami Beach are spectacular.