TOUZET STUDIO is an award winning architecture and design studio located in Coral Gables, Florida. The studio is dedicated to finding elegant, sustainable solutions that withstand the test of time and meet the increasing challenges of climate.

We believe that the research, design process, and execution of every project should be specific to each site and client. In an age of globalized design firms our approach is much more client centered and site specific. We craft solutions that draw on the most advanced technologies but are client and community centered.

We draw inspiration from a wide variety of sources for our design. We are futurists who believe in innovation. We also love and respect history and preserving our collective stories and cultures. We believe in design that connects humans with nature, mindful and sustainable consideration of each material and process.

From urban design to bespoke interiors and carefully crafted buildings – each project is carefully designed to meet the client’s needs and withstand engagement over time.

The Studio has been recognized internationally and regionally in press celebrating their innovative design. Touzet Studio consistently is ranked one of the top design firms in Florida. Touzet Studio was recognized as AIA MIAMI Firm of the Year in 2021.

Touzet Studio was founded in 2004 in Miami, Florida by Carlos Prio Touzet , AIA and Jacqueline González Touzet AIA, LEED ap. Both Principals and the Studio have won numerous awards and their work has been published internationally.


AIA BArch Princeton University | FL ARCH License #AR0094099

Carlos Prio-Touzet became a Founding Principal of Touzet Studio in 2004. His thoughtful, carefully crafted design solutions have earned him a reputation as one of South Florida’s leading modern architects. In 2017 he received the Silver Award, and in 2015 was named Architect of the Year by the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. During the course of his career, he has designed award-winning buildings in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Carlos has served on the Advisory Board of the Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS), City of Miami Beach DRB, City of Miami UDRB, and is a frequent juror at the University of Miami’s School of Architecture.


AIA LEED AP BArch Cornell University | FL ARCH License #AR0016319

Jacqueline has a reputation for strong design and professional leadership in architecture, master planning and interior design. Her approach to each design is based on a rigorous understanding of the people, the climate, the culture, and the history of a place. She has been recognized for her design leadership throughout her career – as Miami AIA’s Young Architect of the Year and Architect of the Year. A champion for preparing the community for coastal resilience and designing a livable and sustainable future, she is the Chair of the Resiliency Committee for the Board of MRED (University of Miami School of Real Estate, Development and Urbanism), a Trustee for History Miami Museum, an AIA advisor to the Sea Level Rise committee, and a frequent guest critic at University of Miami. She has designed award-winning mixed use projects in Asia, Europe and in the USA.

“…they’ve continued to design recognizable buildings in South Beach, including the new Nike, Gap and Apple stores on the same block on Lincoln Road, which fluently blend modern architecture into the historic district.”

How These Design Duos Collaborated on Celebrated Designs in South Florida

“The work of Touzet Studio captures that subtle balance that is the essence of the new Miami; it achieves sculpture through attention to detail and materiality rather than relying on flashy forms.”

– Case Study: The Evolution Of Miami Architecture