2018     Miami Design Preservation League: Barbara Baer Capitman Awards

              North Bay Road Home


2018     AIA Florida Merit Award for use of Masonry in Design

              Canopy Redefined Design District Retail


2017     AIA Miami Silver Award

              Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet and Carlos Prio Touzet


2017     AIA Miami Unbuilt Merit Award

            “Copper Stitch” Design District Retail


2017     National FIABCI-USA 2017 Grand Prix Award: Commercial Retail

              Brown Jordan Flagship Retail: Architecture and Interiors


2015     AIA Miami Architect of the Year

              Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet and Carlos Prio Touzet


2015     AIA Miami Preservation Award: Interiors

              North Bay Road House


2013     Wolf Regional National Winner: Kitchen of the Year

              Smith Residence Interiors


2012     IA State of Florida Merit Award of Excellence: Built

              Parasol House


2011     AIA State of Florida Award of Excellence

              88 La Gorce/ OKTO


2010     AIA Miami Award of Excellence

              Parasol House Architecture and Interiors


2010     Hospitality Design Award: Interiors

               “Hospitality Debut: Delano Guest Rooms”


2006     AIA Miami Young Architect of the Year

              Jacqueline Gonzalez


2006     AIA Florida Unbuilt Award

             Mixed Use Building: Lincoln Road Retail


2005     AIA Miami Unbuilt Award

              Multifamily Residential Mixed Use Project : Vitri


2005     AIA Florida Unbuilt Award

              Residential Mixed-Use Project (Vitri)


2005     AIA Miami Award of Excellence

              Mixed Use Building (South Miami)