Cat Cay Residence – Out of the Blue


Building Area: 5,000 SF
Building Status: Completed 2018

Inspired by Bahamian architecture, but with a modern twist, this tropical beach house incorporates many of the design and climate adaptations found in traditional Bahamian Architecture.

The name of the house – “Out of the Blue” came from the client and was inspired by the many layered shades of blue sea which are a hallmark of Cat Cay. The palette of both the architecture and the interiors of the house were inspired by nature and our desire to connect to the beauty all around. Most of the house has a soft palette of natural and made materials – concrete, Cuban tiles, light wood. The restful white and soft blues of the walls serve both as respite and contrast to the vivid colors of the tropical seas and gardens outdoors.

The house includes Bahamian shutters, porches, breezeways, native keystone, and volume ceilings with wood cladding –elements with deep roots in Bahamian vernacular. The modern feel of the house is expressed in the openness of the Great Room, the immediacy of the connection to the dramatic reflecting pool outdoors, and the simple concrete decks perched above the rocks and beach below. Sliding doors in the main space retract to allow for 20 feet of gorgeous, uninterrupted ocean views.

The Bahamian roots of the house also provide several important resiliency features: cross ventilation makes public spaces well ventilated and AC optional during much of the year. Elevated decks capture the breezes and shady porches block the sun. The mechanical and electrical is lifted from the grounds and incorporated into the architecture. The basement houses several large water cisterns that capture the water from the gutters and pitched roofs.

The materials are simple to maintain in a harsh marine environment and unfussy. This is a tropical beach house designed to be enjoyed with family and friends.