Ransom SAP 1 & 2


Area : 13.8 acres
Status : Completed 2013-2016

As the local Architect, our role was to ensure the design from the planners (Bowie Gridley) fit into the rich history and legacy of the historic Ransom Campus. We did the historical research and developed the palette and character booklet for the property. Alongside the rest of the Ransom Everglades School Campus Master Plan Team, we assisted in the process associated with the development of the Special Area Plan and its submittal to the City of Miami. We worked collaboratively and successfully with Bowie Gridley who authored the Master Plan and program to get the necessary SAP approvals.

As advisors to the team on design, we also created a site BIM Model, all the site sections of the site, and the historical research and report. Touzet Studio photographed and assembled the documentation to help establish the palette of materials and lists of architectural characteristics that the City required be a part of the SAP. These SAP documents serve to act as a guideline for future development of the Ransom Site. For the SAP 2 of La Brisa, we participated in multiple meetings and advised on appropriate development sites and strategies as the local Architect.