Tree House Pavilion


The Moorish Revival house was designed by a very respected local Miami Beach architect Russell T. Pancoast, at a point in his career where he was experimenting with different Architectural vocabularies.

What started as a thorough renovation that included the incorporation of modern technologies, and comforts, to a historical residence, gradually incorporated a modern intervention. The client asked to add a studio to the house, over the existing kitchen that would feel like a “treehouse”. He also shared his desire for no visible signs of modern technology, and his appreciation for Cuban architecture. We promptly started studying historic photographs and existing details of the house, parallel to the exploration of tropical architecture and its application to the South Florida climate.

For the past five years, careful attention was placed to the modernization of the property integrating virtually invisible technology while maintaining the historic characteristics of the residence. Architectural professionals and craftsmen were commissioned to apply their knowledge and expertise to the restoration as well as to the new addition of the house. One by one, the pieces came together and we continue to look at the past for inspiration.