The work of Touzet Studio can be described as richly detailed, sensual modern architecture. The studio strives to create mindful and very specific design solutions inspired by nature, culture and technology. The work is meticulously crafted, sculptural architecture that celebrates texture and color, light and shadow.

The two principals, Carlos Prio-Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet, are a husband and wife team that bring a wealth of design experience and a broad perspective from their many years in designing a variety of award-winning projects in Europe and Asia and from their past experience as Vice Presidents of the largest design studios in Miami, such as Arquitectonica.

Touzet Studio is a one of the most coveted architecture, interior design firms from Miami. Always delivering a modern and contemporary design into their client’s projects, their style has been featured in the best design magazines.

Today Miami Design Agenda invites you to visit this stunning house located on a waterfront in Coral Gables form Touzet Studio.

From the architect . The City of Coral Gables has a prescriptive zoning code that favors historical “styles” over contemporary design. This apparent conflict between our client’s fantasy of a modern home and the City’s classically-oriented design code helped to inform the design.

The “City-side” facade presents itself as two restrained stone-clad volumes – a “mask” clad in material very much identified with the architecture of Coral Gables. The lower volume is rough-hewn Florida Keystone and the larger, main volume is clad in honed limestone.



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