Shepherd Eco

Building Area: 199,357 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

This project is composed of two different buildings – one hospitality for the new Shepherd Eco brand of boutique hotels and the other a residential building component which sits on 2 levels of enclosed parking. The project also includes ground floor commercial space along NE 27th Street. There is also an expansive outdoor rooftop garden on the 4th Story with access directly from the residential units. The Boutique Hotel will provide great views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay to the east and the heart of Wynwood Arts District to the west. The ground floor contains a small retail/F&B space and a mezzanine art gallery to bring back art programming into the District.

Shepherd Eco will include several resiliency initiatives- such as storm water gardens, community farming on the roof and cisterns for collecting water. This project is also focused on connecting people to the dynamic and artistic neighborhood of Wynwood. The Project features a cross Block Pedestrian Paseo on the west side of the Property – providing access for pedestrians and intersecting with a sizeable landscaped green space which is envisioned as a neighborhood amenity for residents and hotel guests and local artists who might want a creative environment to create or share community events.

Lime Tree Bay Resort

Building Area: 48,000 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

The 2.5-acre site is located on Long Key, in the City of Layton, one of the older and certainly the smallest cities in the Florida Keys. The site is on the southwestern side of the island, bounded on the east by US 1 and on the north by a nature research station. The site is richly landscaped with mature vegetation that includes gumbo limbo, sea grape, ficus, royal poinciana, mahoe, and coconut palm. The program requirement specified 48,000 sf of luxury residential-hotel space with resort amenities and support spaces.

The 40 residential-hotel units consist of 26 two-story units above garages and 14 flats on two stories also above garages. While the 40 units are grouped into five building clusters, the units are designed as individual structures engaging each other along structural planes. The building palette comprises traditional Keys elements such as oolithic limestone for the main base elements, which also house the fireplaces, wood, metal roofs and white stucco on concrete masonry. Conceptually, solid, rectilinear walls flank glass volumes that protrude above the walls as clerestories above which a metal-lined, exposed interior, wood shed-roof is placed. The five building clusters are arranged along vehicular and pedestrian paths that are themed through palettes of vegetation. A common area open-air lounge and a gymnasium structure are located on a floating barge anchored by the properties west-facing pier. Two distinct environments are created around the two swimming pools – the southern pool sits within a grove of coconut palms; the northern pool and spa skirt the eastern boundary of the white sand sunning beach.

Pink Sands Estates – Spa + Sanctuary

Building Area: 2,851 SF
Building Status: Unbuilt

Touzet Studio created the Master Plan for the 20-acre site of Pink Sands Resort and was asked to design several estate homes, beach front cottages and common areas for this famous resort. This project was slated to be a LEED project and employ many passive sustainable design features as well as cutting edge technology for wind and rain resiliency.

Touzet Studio worked on the design of environmentally conscious re-interpretation of Bahamian architecture. The cottages collected rainwater, were cooled passively through cross ventilation. The Tree Top Units were designed as floating treehouses that sat very lightly on the landscape and gave the feeling of being in a treehouse or tree canopy.

The Setai

Building Status: Completed 2004

Designed the 38-story condominium tower while at Schapiro and Associates. This project marked the first design collaboration of Founding Principals Carlos Prio Touzet and Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet and exhibits many of the qualities of design storytelling, sculptural modernity and the attention to detail, that have become the major focus of their own studio.